~ Information/Pricing and FAQ ~


Hosting Your Site

* Free Webspace is available for Memorial Websites to host your site from, yet with 'Limited Space' and 'Bandwith Restrictions'.

*However, please note that I am not held responsible for any web sites hosted with 'Free Servers' that I have no control over.

*I can host your Website from my Own Personal Webspace, (hosted by one of the leading WebSpace Providers/Companies  in England) from 85 per year.  If you decide to do this, you can then purchase a Domain Name from as little as 8.99 for a .co.uk name every 2 years.



What Will I Require From You?

If you decide to contact me through email, I usually try to respond within 48 hrs. Please leave me a contact Telephone Number if possible. I can quite easily collect all the Information that I require from you via email or I will contact you by phone if needed.

You will need to give me as many details as you possibly can, so that I can start to create your Special Page with as much information as possible.

*The Questions below to be answered are designed especially for  'Baby Memorials'.  If your Website is for an Adult Memorial, please supply the *relevant* details just the same.


Commercial Sites

*If you are looking for a *Commercial Website*, please email me at:  JUSTANDA99@aol.com or justine@jackandsam.com with a list of requirements you wish for your site.



1)  Your Baby's Name.

2)  Your Baby's Date of Birth.

3) The Date your Baby Passed to Heaven.

4) Any favourite, Special  music.

5) Any Special Photos you may have and would like included in your page.

6) Your Text.  This is how you would like your Story to appear on your page.

7) Any particular 'Graphics' you would like or basic Javascript (ie: Falling Hearts down the page).

8) Theme for your Website for the Background Graphics/Colours/Designs.  (Do you have any special colours or any special Flowers? ie: Roses and any favourite colours etc).

9)  Lastly, details/names of Baby's Parents and any Brothers/Sisters that you would like to be included.



~ Payment Details and Completion of Website ~

*Please Note:  A Percentage of the Final Payment is payable in advance before I start to work on your site.  I will invoice you through *Pay Pal* which you can pay through your Pay Pal account if registered or through your Debit/Credit Card.  If you are not registered, Pay Pal will send you an invoice with easy to follow instructions to set up your account.


1) To begin with, creating a Website (especially a Memorial Page is very difficult in itself to say the least).  I am designing something for you, which I sincerely hope is everything you would wish for.

2) Memorial Websites take many hours of design and concentration, so it may be a few weeks until your site is completed and uploaded to the relevant Server of your choice.

*I am usually working on other pages too, but divide my time between them all, and should have your Website created and uploaded to the Internet within 2~3 Weeks, although sometimes this could be shorter or longer.

3) After first speaking with you about your Site, I will then start to work on it at the first available time.  After I have completed your site, I will then upload it to a *Temporary Server* for 2 hours where I will then contact you and ask you to view your Website, asking you to *Check it Through* and make sure everything is as you wish it to be.

4) After you have viewed your Website on the Temporary Server and are completely satisfied with it, I will then invoice you for final payment, via Pay Pal.  On receipt, I will then upload your Website to the Permanent Server of your choice as pre~arranged.

5) I will then copy your Website to Disc, to which yourselves and myself will each hold a Copy for future reference.

*Please Note:  The Prices that I charge for my Web Designs are not for 'Personal Profit'.   A Percentage of each Site created will be donated at the end of each year to our 'Midwifery Unit' (Our Midwives who delivered our angels Jack & Samuel), and also to the 'Online Support Forum' based in the 'USA' to continue to Support Families who are going through the heartache of Potters Syndrome.


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