~ My Online Portfolio ~

I make all my Websites by request, with as much information as possible from the receivers of the website to be made, working closely with you throughout the entire creation period.

I also create memorial websites on behalf of others, maybe a family member you know of, who you think would be comforted by a Memorial for their child/Loved One.

With a Memorial Website, you can have a place to visit forever, in Memory of your child/Loved One with 'Photos', 'Your Story',  'Music', and most of all, a place to go to and visit when the long road to recovery seems all uphill...

I will update your Memorial Website at a small extra charge, for special occasions, and create special pages on their Birthday and Christmas if so wished...

Please find listed below a few of the 'angel Babies' Memorial Websites that I have created and also a different category for some other websites that I make.


Parents of Angels Birthday Pages

(Made for Members of 'The Potters Syndrome Support Forum')

I created these short webpages especially for the 'Parents' of Potters Babies for their own Birthdays, which I make on behalf of the Members from the Potters Support Group that I am an Online Support Member/Host for.


Birthday Wishes Sue (Mum to angel Ethan)

Birthday_Wishes_Angie (Mom to angel Titus)

  Birthday_Wishes_Michele (Mom to angel Gabriela)

Birthday Wishes Cindy (Grandma to angel Makayla)



Adult Memorials

In Loving Memory of John Hammond

This Website was created in the Loving Memory of  'John Hammond', a devoted family friend of Kerri & Steve.

  In Loving Memory of Barbara Gail Williams and Huey Alexander Williams (New April 05)

This Website was created in the Loving Memory of two very special people, a Mum and Son,  who passed to Heaven, too soon.



Non~Memorial Sites

I can make you a Non~Memorial website for many different categories, ie:  Birthday's, Christmas, Surprise, farewells etc.  Although I don't specialise in these, I will continue to make them at present.

I made the Website below for my Sister in Law and her FiancÚ when they left England to start a new life in Greece. Full of comical photos and stories, but most importantly, full of love and Best Wishes.

 This was created as a place that Jackie & Mike may 'come' to look back and to read updates of their families back here in England, so as to keep in touch regularly with everyday life and how things are going with their families here :)




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